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5 simple job search tips youre probably forgetting -TheJobNetwork

5 simple job search tips youre probably forgetting -TheJobNetworkTheres a lot to keep straight when youre looking for a job. Things you need to put on your resume or else. How to build your brand so that you dont seem hopelessly out of date. The nuances of bewerbungsgesprch questions youre likely to face when you get through the door. And because youre human, you might be forgetting some painfully obvious things that need to be checked off as well. Lets look at some of the most commonly forgotten job search to-dos. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Go offline sometimes.Yes, most companies have some form of online application submission these days. Yes, you want to maximize your resume and cover letter for the keyword bots. But dont make those your entire focus. We can get so mired in the online application machine that we forget to look up and see what else might be available. Dont forget to work your network to see if they know of any openings, or reach out to recruiters to see what they may have as well.2. Its okay to let your personality shine.As a rule, its good to be a little wary of your full everyday selfwarts and allbecoming part of the job search process. You want to be evaluated on your professional merits, not your Facebook timeline. But dont be afraid to make (appropriate) jokes in an interview, or show some personality in a cover letter. Your interviewers and readers are people too, and they would appreciate getting to see who you are, in addition to the points on your resume.3. Tailor your resume for the specific job.Going back to the online application engines, it can be easy to forget that youre not just uploading a PDF to a portal. Youre not just a jumble of keywords youre trying to show that youre a great and obvious fit for the job opening. That means taking the specific job description and making aya your application materials line up with it. If the hiring manager has to work to make a connect ion between you and the job, that usually means a fast track to the no thanks pile.4. Treat your LinkedIn profile as a living resume.Lets face it anyone whos thinking of bringing you in for an interview is also likely to do a little internet sleuthing. And one of the first internet stops is likely to be your LinkedIn profile. That means you need to invest in your profiles upkeep. Make aya it at least matches your current resume, but dont hesitate to add things as they come up so that anyone whos looking for you can see that youre not only evolving all the time, youre also on it with your online presence.5. Manners always matter.Sure, sending a handwritten thank you note on fancy paper has fallen out of favor in our fast-paced, everything-digital-always society. That doesnt mean youre off the hook for basic courtesy like thank you notes.Again, theres a lot going on in your job search, but if you pay attention to some of the smaller details along the way, youre increasing your chances of success.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

How To Increase Diversity And Promote More Women

How To Increase Diversity And Promote More Women The key to promoting mora women to senior management? Groom, and present at least two female candidates when it comes to putting forward a slate of candidates.The latest research shows that when only one woman is put forth as a candidate among gender-mixed slate for an open job, she has a zero statistical probability of being hired. The culprit in this case isnt simply gender bias. Rather, its also our innate bias towards maintaining the status quo (which is often in practice difficult to separate from unconscious gender bias since much of unconscious gender bias reflects social status quos).Professors from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business reported on a series of studies which placed female and male candidates in front of panels of hiring decision-makers. In their studies, they conducted experiments whereby they changed the ratio of male and female candidates in their applicant pools. What they found is that when at least two minorities or women appeared in a candidate pool of finalists (of a total slate size of 4 candidates), a woman or minority was more likely to be chosen as the final candidate. This might sound like a simple statistical truism. After all, the more women there are in a pool, the more likely a woman is to be hired, right? Well, no. The researchers found that Each added women in a pool does leid increase the probability of hiring a woman the difference between having one and two women seems to be what matters. They found similar results for race.The authors of the study concluded that the reason why having one woman isnt sufficient to change the status quo is that by being isolated, the woman is by definition a clear deviation from the norm, which can be seen as risky for decision-makers.If this is true, the implication is that the well-known Rooney rule doesnt go far enough. The Rooney Rule is the National Football Leagues policy to put forth one minority candidate for consi deration into an open leadership role. It was also recently extended to women in its executive ranks. It is named for Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, who pushed the league to require that at least one minority candidate was put forward for consideration every time there was an opening for a general manager in the NFL. (Though it is often confused with affirmative action, there is nothing about the rule that gives that minority candidate any preference for selection.There are certainly many reasons to include more women candidates when considering an important hire. Research shows that diversity is good for geschftlicher umgang, and diverse points of view are important for critical business outcomes. However, this new research shows there is no need for tokenism (which can be damaging and ineffective) if we simply want to see more women and minorities in leadership. Simply putting more than one woman or minority forward for consideration doesnt and shouldnt ensure they wil l be hired, but it certainly does help counteract our unconscious biases to preserve the status quo.Fairygodboss is committed to improving the workplace and lives of women.Join us by reviewing your employer

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Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program Reviews & Guide

Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program Reviews & Guide Global companies want to find candidates that are loyal, hardworking, resilient, adaptable, they are searching for you. If youre open to different kinds of jobs, let us know. Pay attention when you subscribe, however, because most services provide a number of different plans and a few plans limit the characteristics or number of resumes youll be able to create. Details of Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program What it means is that youve got the capability to make an inclusive employment section, which is not only going to add value to your site but create another source of revenue. If youve attached your existing resume, you do not have to repeat whats already in it but you can definitely add mora info. Place your buchen during the secure system and earn a payment. You dont have to have an account with PayPal to take part in our Affiliate program. Whether youre an affiliate sales professional, a satisfied customer, or simply someone with a site and an interest in making some extra cash from the services and products provided by Distinctive Career Services, LLC our affiliate program is just what you have been searching for. Affiliate programs are incredibly popular nowadays. Our affiliate tracking program helps to ensure that youre paid for each and every sale that you refer. The New Fuss About Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program Dont be concerned about whether any specific bit of information may be related to your objective. The site is a little difficult to navigate, unfortunately, but there is a lot of information to guide you and help you decide on the most suitable package. Their site could be made better related to usability. Keep reading to find out more about them. The Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program Trap Wherever youre in your career, were here to assist. Resume writing is the most significant step in presenting your abilities and receiving the job that you desir e. Actually, if youre an attorney, you most likely already understand that there is 1 thing you ought to do in order to lessen stress and because you search for your next prospect. Essentially, anyone searching for a job. When you have placed an order, the degree of customer service seems to remain over the norm. Once payment is confirmed, youre going to be assigned a writer or coach based on what service or package youve ordered. The post-by-fax service is particularly common. Be aware that you could also zupflmmel individual services instead of a complete package. The Hidden Truth About Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program Theres a page on their website specializing in prospective problems like Im having trouble networking or I have to use social media better to find a job and comprehensive methods by which they may help you. The website also hosts a network for employers searching for new talent. The second method is to sign in to your private affiliate website and in spect the stats. Tell us the address of your site and name a minumum of one reason you want to become our affiliate. Things You Wont Like About Resume Writing Group Affiliate Program and Things You Will Our goal as resume writers is to have the prospective employers interest. M. Santiago Group is among the best resume writing services Indianapolis offers. Youd be amazed at how many resume writing services dont permit this sort of direct communication with writers, perhaps since they outsource the writing to low-quality writers from some other nations.

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Survival Tips for Moms Returning to Work

Survival Tips for Moms Returning to WorkSurvival Tips for Moms Returning to WorkSurvival Tips for Moms Returning to WorkStay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) and work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) have a lot of obstacles to overcome when they want to or have to transition back into the workplace. As a former WAHM for 10 years, Ive lived with those powerful fears that seem insurmountable and keep us from going back to the office, hospital, school, factory, restaurant, or shipping dock. No matter how much you want or need to make the transition, it requires a major cognitive switcheroo and thats never easy.After X number of years convincing yourself that being home is the best choice for you and your family, you have to start reversing the rationalization process, persuading yourself that being away from the kids and the pets and the house all day will be just fine. And rest assured, it will be fine. There are many, many right ways to be a good parent, and whats right at one stage may be wrong at another a nd vice versa. So lets address some of the common concerns that are probably floating around in your headWho will take care of the kids before and after school? And OMG, summer? What happens when theyre sick? What about dental appointments, snow days, teacher conferences, holidays, or when the Maytag repairman is due between noon and 400? How can I be in two places at once?Every family finds its own combination of babysitters, family members, nannies, flexible work schedules, professional daycare, summer camp, and so on. And most of todays employers are flexible when you need time off (if theyre not, dont take a job with them). Somehow, it usually works. And occasionally, it doesnt. I guarantee there will be days when the wheels fall off the cart. Thats when you call in crazed (not sick), and you stay home and cry it out. Or, you show up at work with a kid in tow and two different shoes on your feet.When will there be time to do the grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, cooking ? Things may not be pretty at first. Assigning chores to your kids is an awesome idea They wont do them, but its still an awesome idea. Youll quickly learn to run errands on your way to or from work or at lunchtime, and use evenings and weekends to get caught up. Crockpot meals, cooking in bulk, having scrambled eggs for dinner, and other creative ideas can get you through the annoying fact that your family members still expect food every damn dayAnd when things get completely out of control which they will youll be glad to know there are angels out there who (for a worth-every-penny fee) will wash, dry, and fold your mountainous backlog of dirty laundry deliver your online grocery order or (wonder of wonders) clean your house. Bless their hearts. And rest assured Although you might feel like a failure if dinner comes from a drive-through window, the kids will love you for it.Will I have to start back at square one in my career? Do I even know how to do my job anymora? Its unlikely youll have to go back to entry-level if you were well-established in your profession. But frankly, many of us find it easier to aim a rung or two lower on the ladder, until our skills and confidence get back up to speed. A temp or transitional job can also be a great way to cross that bridge. And yes, silly, you still know how to do your job. As a matter of fact, you still know how to learn, too. I promise It all comes back very quickly.The web can offer you lots more help surviving the transition, including organizations dedicated to helping women get back on the career track. Women for Hire and Back to Business are two excellent places to start. Use all the tools and resources you can find to push yourself through the quicksand of fear. The commuting world, with its adult conversations and regular paychecks, awaits your arrival

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Yvonne Brill Rocketry Pioneer and ASME Honoree Dies

Yvonne Brill Rocketry Pioneer and ASME Honoree Dies Yvonne Brill Rocketry Pioneer and ASME Honoree Dies Yvonne Brill, Rocketry Pioneer and ASME Honoree, DiesPresident Barack Obama (right) presented Yvonne Brill with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2011.Yvonne C. Brill, a world-renowned rocket scientist who invented a more efficient thruster to keep satellites in orbit, died in Princeton, N.J., from complications due to breast cancer on March 27. She welches 88 years old. Brill contributed to the propulsion systems of NASA spacecraft ranging from the first weatherbei satellite for the Television Infrared Observation Satellite (TIROS) program to the Mars Observer, and was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2011 by President Barack Obama. ASME paid tribute to Brills storied career later that year with the Societys inaugural Kate Gleason Award, which honors achievements by female engineering professionals. After earning a bachelors degree in mat hematics from the University of Manitoba in 1945, Brill joined Douglas Aircraft in California, where she embarked on her career in rocket science. She is believed to have been the only woman in the United States working as a rocket scientist at the time. Brill specialized in rocket propulsion, and took graduate classes in the evening at University of Southern California. She received a masters degree in chemistry from USC in 1951.After taking time off to raise three children in the 1950s, Brill was hired by RCA Astro Electronics in Princeton, N.J., where patented the hydrazine resistojet, also known as the electrothermal hydrazine thruster (EHT). The system, now an industry standard, allowed engineers to more efficiently alter the position of satellites in a geosynchronous orbit around Earth. Yvonne BrillShe left RCA to serve as director of the space shuttle solid rocket motor program at NASA headquarters from 1981-1983, then returned to RCA for three years before accepting the p osition of space segment engineer with the International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT) in London from 1986. After retiring from INMARSAT in 1991, she served as a consultant and a member of many U.S. National Research Council committees providing science and technology policy advice to government agencies. A year after her 2010 induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for her invention of the EHT system, Brill was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Obama. The award, established in in 1980 and administered for the White House by the U.S. Department of Commerces Patent and Trademark Office, recognizes those who have made lasting contributions to Americas competitiveness and quality of life and helped strengthen the Nations technological workforce. In November 2011, Brill was the first recipient of ASMEs Kate Gleason Award. The award honors the legacy of Kate Gleason, the first woman to become a full member of ASME, and recogniz es a female engineer who is a highly successful entrepreneur in a field of engineering or who has had a lifetime of achievement in the engineering profession. Im excited to receive this inaugural award, Brill said after learning she had won the award. Kate Gleason was truly a pioneer. She just went about and did what she had to do. Ive always felt that way too. I think I have her spirit.Brill was the recipient of numerous honors during her 65-year career. She was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1987 and was the second woman in history to be named an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in 2008. She had been an AIAA Fellow since 1986. She was very active in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), was elected as an SWE Fellow in 1985, and received the organizations Resnik Challenger Medal in 1993. She also received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Resnik Award in 2002.Please visit this page to watc h a video profile of Brill and her distinguished career.

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Onboarding a new employee Follow these 11 effective strategies

Onboarding a new employee Follow these 11 effective strategiesOnboarding a new employee Follow these 11 effective strategiesThe Forbes Coaches Councilhas a new article on what to do to create great employee experiences in onboarding. 11 top tips from 11 Forbes council members, including our own CEO, Kristy McCann.Onboarding new hires is a crucial- and sometimes regularly repeated- process for businesses.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreNot having a concrete training plan in place can cause anxiety and confusion for both the incoming employees and those tasked with training them.You not only need to be sure you dont overwhelm new kollektiv members in their first days, but also that you give them all the information they need- including the small, everyday details that can sometimes be taken for granted.If you want your new team members to receive the best grounding for their roles , but you dont want to sidetrack seasoned employees with complicated and repetitive training stints, you need to develop effective and efficient onboarding processes.According to members ofForbes Coaches Council, here are some aspects of your business that must be covered by a good training program, as well as strategies you can use to effectively and efficiently onboard your new team members.The 11 tips for better employee experience in onboarding, provided by the Forbes Coaches CouncilThe 11 tips for better employee experience in onboarding, provided by the Forbes Coaches CouncilCover The Cultural Aspect, TooPut Their Role In The Context Of The Big PictureTreat Your New Employee Like A CustomerHave Multiple Employees Serve As Resources For The New HireShare Expectations Honestly, Openly And DirectlyBe Clear And Consistent In Your Steps And ProcessesExpose New Hires To Every DepartmentGive Them A Safe Space To Ask QuestionsAccommodate Different Learning StylesAssign Them A BuddySha re The Load And Take Your Time 3. Treat Your New Employee Like A Customer- Customers dont show up for long orientations or a coffee mug. They show up to invest in you- KRISTY MCCANNThis article first appeared on Go Coach.

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On Campus Recruiting 101 What to Expect

On Campus Recruiting 101 What to ExpectOn Campus Recruiting 101 What to ExpectCollege career fairs are excellent opportunities to get a sneak peek at the most talented up-and-coming members of the workforce, and many companies use these events to find excellent candidates for in-school interning opportunities and entry-level positions. If youre heading to a college recruiting event, here are four things you can expect from the experience, the students and the other recruiters in attendanceStudents will be studentsExcept for the rare polished job seeker, most college students havent fully come into their potential as interviewers. Have a few questions on pfote to draw them out from the answers they researched online. You can get more impromptu answers from questions such as, If you could be a superhero and have any power, what power would you have and why? A random question like this will give the student the opportunity to show off a unique creative ability or ability to think on the ir feet..Focus on questions that will really help them distinguish themselves from other candidates, such as If you were in charge of your campus, what action or issue would you take on as college president and why? An environment-specific question such as this will allow the student to display his or her critical thought processes around a relevant topic.Your employer brand mattersRecruiting on campus is a great way to find interns and entry-level employees, and its also an opportunity for candidates to assess you and your employer. Your employer brandwill linger long after the sting of not getting a call-back fades away, so implement some memorable branding activities to help all potential students see the best in your company. This slide sharefrom AfterCollege presents some great ideas, including refining your information sessions to be professional and attractive, speaking with respect and interest to everyone you meet and connecting directly with influential faculty, graduate a ssistants and teaching assistants who communicate the most with students.Youll need reinforcements (and snacks)Depending on the size of the career fair, you may be representing your organization to thousands of students over the course of several hours. You dont want to be the only person representing your company when theres a line of 30 candidates waiting patiently to speak with you not only will you be tempted to shorten each meeting time, but it will be difficult to record answers or get a good vibe from candidates who would otherwise stick out. Bring enough staff, food and drink that you can get through these hours with reasonable breaks to refresh yourself.Youre there for more than the studentsWhile student interviewing is a primary goal of on-campus recruiting, its not your only goal. Before, during and after the career fair reach out and engage with other companies and universities via email and phone calls. Then use the career fair as an opportunity to touch base with indus try contacts, former coworkers and coworkers who are there to recruit, too. These contacts can help you (and you can help them) in a number of ways. Youll be refreshing your network of candidate referrals so that if you miss a candidate another company may introduce you to them, youll be in the know about upcoming changes and schedules for the career fair, and youll represent your employer brand to seitlich stakeholders in other industries and at the university level.Are you heading to a on-campus recruiting event? What other questions do you have about what you can expect?